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Disabling the Power and Volume Buttons 

If you need to disable the device power button and/or volume button, use the Android operating  system to toggle interaction control.

  1. Open the Android Settings and go to Accessibility > Interaction and Dexterity > Interaction control > Interaction control shortcut.
  2. Turn on Interaction control shortcut and select the action you want to use to enter interaction control. For example: Side and Volume Up keys
  3. Open the NovaChat software and quickly tap the Side and Volume Up keys.  The following message appears: "Use Side and Volume up keys for accessibility? Use or Don't Use
  4. Select Use.
  5. Open NovaChat software again and quickly tap the Side and Volume Up keys.
  6. Choose Done.

The Side Key will no longer work and the app will be locked into NovaChat.

To exit Interaction Control or to modify which buttons are available:

  1. Tap the Side and Volume Up keys.
  2. Choose Options in the upper right corner.
  3. Turn on volume keys, for example
  4. Tap the back arrow next to Options.
  5. Choose Done.

This option is not available in all Android versions.