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Transferring files between the Touchchat device and the Chat Editor requires a PC with iTunes installed

• open the Chat Editor program on your computer
• choose a TouchChat configuration
• Choose Library
• Choose Transfer -> Vocab to file
• the Transfer box will appear, highlight the file you wish to export and click on Transfer from the top left-hand side
• a Windows Save As dialog box will appear
• save your vocab file to your computer (remember where you save it to), make sure that the .ce remains at the end of the file name
• after the file has been saved, open up iTunes
• Attach the device to the PC
• Tap on the device and go to the Apps section
• Scroll down until you see TouchChat in the File Sharing Area
• Click on TouchChat, you should see that ADD appeared in the lower right hand section
• Tap Add and the Windows save screen will appear
• Locate the file you wish to add to the device and tap open
• You should see that the file has appeared in the TouchChat Documents section
• Un plug the device from the PC
• On the device, tap Vocab-.Choose new vocab
• Tap Menu
• Tap Import/Export vocab
• Tap Import from iTunes
• Tap on the file you just imported in
• You can change the text for the file here or just tap save
• Tap on the file in the vocab listing to open