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Note:  This does not apply to dedicated devices! 

Here are the 2 ways to lock the Android functionality in NovaChat. 

Using the KIOSK mode setting 

  • Tap Menu->Settings->System
  • Place a check mark in the box next to KIOSK Mode
  • Tap the back arrow until back to the Vocab file
  • Press and hold the back arrow
  • The pop up box should ask if you wish to restart. That means KIOSK is set up
  • NOTE: Enabling Menu Lock (Menu-> Settings-> Menu Lock) will add another level to keep the user inside NovaChat. By applying the Menu lock, no one will be able to get into application settings to turn off KIOSK mode.
    • Enable Menu Lock by choosing Menu-> Settings-> Menu Lock.
    • Place a checkmark in the box next to menu lock
    • Enter in a password
    • Tap confirm password and enter in the password again
    • Tap Save
    • Tap back arrow until back to vocab file
    • Tap Menu-> Lock
    • Nova Chat menu is now locked. 

Getting a new registration code 

  • Contact Saltillo for a new registration code to register the device as a Dedicated device
  • Once you have a new code, go to Menu-> Help-> Registration
  • Enter in the new registration, then tap OK
  • NovaChat will say that the code is valid and will restart
  • Once NovaChat has come back up, restart the whole unit
  • Once the device has restarted, NovaChat will be locked.
  • NOTE: Once NovaChat is a closed system using a registration code, there is no way to unlock the device without contacting Saltillo Support