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Alt-Chat Keyguard Instructions 

Insert the small tab on the top sides of the keyguard into the small holes designed for them on either side of the display screen. 

When the keyguard is seated securely at the top, lower it onto the case and press down. The two tabs on the bottom sides of the keyguard will slip into their holes in the case. 


The Keyguard should be removed when programming the device. When the keyguard is swung up to the lifted position it may activate the screen.

 The size of the Speech Display Bar will need to be adjusted to match the keyguard.  Do this by choosing Edit>General Settings>Speech Display Bar and change the SDB height to 75.

 Choose the Tools (Hammer/Screwdriver) button on the top edge of the ALT-Chat to hide the menus and line up the buttons with the keyguard.

For the 4 x 9 keyguard that works with the PalmChat vocabulary file follow these additional instructions;

 The default PalmChat keyboard layout does not match the keyguard and must be changed in order to be used. You can either create your own keyboard or use a Saltillo provided default.  The default keyboard that will work with this keyguard is labeled “KB 4x9 ABC”.  If you prefer to create your own keyboard the following instructions will still need to be followed but replace the keyboard in Step 5 to your keyboard. Use the following instructions:

  1. Enter Edit Mode by choosing Edit and checking Edit Mode
  2. choose to Edit the ABC 123 button from the core (Home) page
  3. move to the Actions tab
  4. choose SET
  5. choose KB 4x9 ABC
  6. choose OK

 This process will need to be repeated for each of the “Core” Pages. Choose View>GoTo>Page and find “Core About”, the next “Core” page in the listing.  Repeat Steps 2-6 above.  Follow this process with each of the remaining “Core” pages in the Page listing: (“Core” & “Core About” completed in previous instructions)

 Core About Else

Core Know About

Core Me

Core Plural

Core Where

Core Do

Core Have