1. Plug your USB drive into the computer that has the file already.
  2. In DesktopChat SE click on File->Export.
  3. Select the device to transfer to(USB Drive:Crucial if you are using the drive that came with the Alt-Chat).
  4. Click on your file and then click on Export.
  5. When it is finished exporting, your file will be in the Import folder on the USB drive.
  6. Close DesktopChat SE down.
  7. Copy and paste the file from the Import folder to the Export folder on the USB drive. Delete the file from the Import folder.
  8. Remove the USB drive from the computer.
  9. Plug the USB drive into the second computer
  10. Start DesktopChat SE on the second computer.
  11. DesktopChat SE will see the file and start automatically importing after 30 seconds.
  12. After it is finished importing, click on File->Vocab File->Load Vocab File and select the file and click on OK to load it into the window of DesktopChat SE.