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All of the options in the Selection Technique Options menu are helpful tools to personalize the ChatBox 40 for your specific needs. Some options are available with certain switch types but not with others. You may want to experiment with different switch types and settings before deciding what works best for you.

  • Scan Mode- lets you choose the type of switch you prefer to use. One switch, two switch, or Joystick
  • Scan Speed- lets you select how fast or slow you want the keyboard to be scanned. Scanning speed range is from .2 seconds to 10 seconds per step. Available with all switch types.
  • Latched Scanning- can be turned on/off. When Off, press and hold the switch to scan. When On, press and release the switch to scan.

Available with all switch types.

  • Scan Type- select either linear or Row/column

Can be used with 1 switch or 2 switch scanning

  • Scan restart- allows you to restart scanning from the middle of the keyboard, your previous selection, or the upper left corner of the keyboard. Can be used with single switch linear scan, 2 switch linear scan, or a joystick.
  • Selection Delay- gives you time to re-activate your switch to deselect an accidental switch activation. Can be used with:

1-switch scanning when latched option is turned On

2 switch scanning when row/column and latched options are selected.

  • Acceptance time-helps to avoid unwanted key selections.

Can be used with direct selection and all types of switches.

  • Manual Select- available only when the device is set to 2-switch linear scan mode. Requires a dual switch and a single switch to operate.