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Software updates on the Nova Chat device is now done with one update. To find the current version of software in your NOVA Chat device, choose Menu>Help>About.  Now go to the Saltillo Support website on your computer,  Find the Download section on the left edge of the screen and choose your language.  Here you will find the available Software Updates.  Download the update that you need to take your device from its current version to the latest.  Once it is downloaded, you will need to unzip the folder and place the contents in a location on your PC that you will remember.

Note: The Nova Chat 5.1 needs to be updated to version 1.13.0 FIRST then download the 1.13.0 to 2.0.2 Nova Chat 5.1 Only updater

 Note:  You will need to download the NOVA Chat Editor Updater as well

 1) Remove any USB storage devices from your computer.

 2) Plug the Nova Chat device into a USB port on your computer using the provided cable. (IF you are updating a Nova Chat 5.2 device, Skip to step 4.

 3) Choose ‘Connect Storage to PC' on the device.

 4) On your computer open Windows Explorer, select Removable Disk (for the Nova Chat 5.1) or Galaxy S4 then Phone (for the Nova Chat 5.2), open the "ChatPC" folder, and then open the “update” folder.

 5) Copy the contents of the downloaded update folder and paste it into the device’s update folder shown in Windows Explorer (from step 4).

 6) If using the Nova Chat 5.1, once the files have finished copying, choose "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" from the task bar in the bottom-right of the screen and select "Disconnect storage from PC".

 7) Unplug the Nova Chat device from your computer.

 8) It is recommended that you plug the device into the charger.

 9) If necessary, start the Nova Chat application on the device.

 10) Once Nova Chat is started, tap on the Menu->Help->Check for updates. Tap on the Check Now button. The update may take several minutes. Please be patient. 

 11) Follow the on-screen instructions to install the updates. 

 12) If an update asks to replace an application, tap OK then Install, otherwise, just tap Install. 

 13) The NOVA Chat application will restart automatically once the updates are complete.

 Once your device is updated, run the NOVA Chat Editor Setup.  Follow the on-screen instructions for updating your Editor.  Choose Help>About to confirm you’re running the latest software.