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PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

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The ChatBox 40-XT has a 2-line, LCD display that supports displayed text with recorded messages and text generated on the display can also be spoken with the speech synthesizer.    An alphabet keyboard is available for generating new text not already stored under keys.  The ChatBox 40-XT offers a Spelling Mode function that offers the alphabet to the device user as an alternative to the pre-stored messages on each overlay.   The alphabet has been pre-arranged and the layout cannot be modified.


  •  The alphabet characters, numbers and characters have been arranged in a typical QWERTY keyboard layout. 
  • The Shift/Caps key is in the lower left corner, selecting this key once will capitalize the next character only, selecting the key twice in a row will shift all characters after that until the Shift/Caps key is selected again.
  • Only one key is used for a Space.  This key adds a space when selected.
  • When shifted the lower right corner key adds a Period (.) to the text.  If the keyboard is in spelling mode, choosing the lower right corner key will Exit the spelling mode.
  • The third key in the last column provides a Backspace character.  This allows for making corrections to text. 

While programming the ChatBox 40-XT, whenever asked for text, this keyboard layout will be used.  A clear overlay with this text layout was provided with the ChatBox 40-XT.  This overlay can be laid on top of the user’s paper overlay as a guide for spelling text.  

A “Spelling Mode” function can be added to the user’s overlay.  This function will change the speaking mode to spelling mode and will allow the device user to spell unique text.  When the device user is finished spelling the “Exit” key (lower right corner) can be selected.