PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19 health concerns:

As an alternative to directly selecting each button on the screen, ALT-Chat offers single switch and two switch scanning.  Options for customizing a scanning technique are in the Edit>Switch Settings menu.

10.1 Scan Settings

Scan Settings



Defines the Selection method (1 Switch, 2 Switch), Scanning mode, Scanning options (Latched Scanning, Skip Empty Cells, Activate on Release), and switch setup.


Defines the Switch Timing, Scanning Timing and the Initial Delays.


Defines Feedback (Beeps for scan & activation, and volume), and color of scanning cursor.  Auto Restart determines if the scanning automatically restarts or not after speaking.


Defines the scanning patterns, scan SDB option.


Defines the prompt destination (speaker, earphone), Prompt type, Prompt Substitution, and Earphone Volume.