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As an alternative to directly selecting each button on the screen, Chat Fusion offers touchscreen, single switch and two switch scanning.  Options for customizing a scanning technique are in the Menu>Settings>Input>Scanning menu. 

Chat Fusion Scan setting: 

  • Enable Scanning – This toggles scanning off/on 
  • Switch Access– Provides scanning capabilities through switch access
    • Switch Configuration – Defines the Selection method (1 Switch, 2 Switch)
    • Auto Scan – Scanning will activate without a switch hit 
  • Auditory Prompts– Provides audio feedback while scanning
    • Enable Auditory Prompts – Toggles audio feedback off/on
    • Audio Output Device – Choose between earphone or speaker for auditory prompts
    • Earphone volume – Adjust the earphone volume when earphone is selected for prompts
    • Scanning Beep – Have an auditory beep sound when button is scanned
    • Button Prompt – Choose between Speak Label or Speak Message for prompt
    • Voice Settings – Choose the voice you wish to say the prompts when the Scanning beep is not selected 
  • Patterns– Adjust the scanning pattern
    • Mode – Have the scanning pattern be either Linear or Row/Column
    • Scan SDB – Enable the scanning of the Speech Display Bar
    • Scan Clear Button -  Enable scanning of the X in the Speech Display Bar
    • Skip Empty Area – Scanning skips any area that does not contain a button 
  • Scan Timing– Adjust the timing and delays for scanning
    • Scan Speed – Set the rate the buttons are scanned
    • Number of re-scans – The number of times that scanning is repeated on a page
    • Activation Delay  - Enables a delay (Matching the scanning speed) before a scan selection is pressed
    • Auto Restart – Starts the scan process after a button activation 
  • Other– Miscellaneous scan settings
    • Cursor Color – Changes the color of the scan cursor