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  1. Plug your USB drive into the Alt-Chat that has the file already.
  2. Tap on File->Export.
  3. Tap on the down arrow and select your file and then tap on Export.
  4. When it is finished exporting, your file will be in the Export folder on the USB drive.
  5. Start DesktopChat SE on the computer.
  6. DesktopChat SE will see the file and start automatically importing after 30 seconds.
  7. After it is finished importing, click on File->Vocab File->Load Vocab File and select the file
    and click on OK to load it into the window of DesktopChat SE.
  8. Tap on File->Export
  9. Chose Export to File from drop down
  10. Tap OK
  11. Chose the file you want to export to PC
  12. Chose a location for the file
  13. Name the file under file name (Note: remove the *.prt from the name field before naming)
  14. Tap Save
  15. Close DesktopChatSE
  16. Go to to location where the file from AltChat is saved
  17. Right click and copy file
  18. Open the NovaChat Editor import folder that is located on the desktop of the PC
  19. Paste the AltChat file inside that import folder.
  20. Start NovaChat Editor on the PC (Note: Make sure NovaChat Editor is not in Edit Mode)
  21. NovaChat Editor will see the file and start automatically importing after 30 seconds
  22. After it is finished importing, click on Library->My Resources, select the file and click open
  23. It will load into the window of NovaChat Editor
  24. Attach NOVA Chat device to computer
  25. Choose Library from Editor, then Transfer , then Vocab To/From Device
  26. From the transfer screen, check the vocab file or files you wish to transfer to the NOVA Chat device:
  27. Click on To Device button
  28. Choose Done to Close the Transfer Window on the Editor
  29. Disconnect the device from the computer
  30. On the device, choose Menu>Library>newly transferred file>Open