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  • Plug your USB drive into the Alt-Chat that has the file already.
  • Tap on File->Export.
  • Tap on the down arrow and select your file and then tap on Export.
  • When it is finished exporting, your file will be in the Export folder on the USB drive.
  • Start DesktopChat SE on the computer.
  • DesktopChat SE will see the file and start automatically importing after 30 seconds.
  • After it is finished importing, click on File->Vocab File->Load Vocab File and select the file
  • and click on OK to load it into the window of DesktopChat SE.
  • Tap on File->Export
  • Chose Export to File from drop down
  • Tap OK
  • Chose the file you want to export to PC
  • Chose a location for the file
  • Name the file under file name (Note: remove the *.prt from the name field before naming)
  • Tap Save
  • Close DesktopChatSE
  • Go to to location where the file from AltChat is saved
  • Right click and copy file
  • Open the Chat Editor import folder that is located on the desktop of the PC
  • Paste the AltChat file inside that import folder.
  • Start Chat Editor on the PC (Note: Make sure NovaChat Editor is not in Edit Mode)
  • Choose the configuration you want to open the file in or create a new configuration
  • Chat Editor will see the file and start automatically importing after 30 seconds
  • After it is finished importing, click on Library->My Resources, select the file and click open
  • It will load into the window of Chat Editor
  • Attach NOVA Chat device to computer
  • Choose Library from Editor, then Transfer , then Vocab To/From Device
  • From the transfer screen, check the vocab file or files you wish to transfer to the NOVA Chat device
  • Click on To Device button
  • Choose Done to Close the Transfer Window on the Editor
  • Disconnect the device from the computer
  • On the device, choose Menu>Library>newly transferred file>Open