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There are two options for transferring custom vocabulary from one NovaChat to another. Use the Chat Editor running on a Windows Computer or using the included flash drives.

Transferring files between Device & Editor 

  • Start Chat Editor
  • Choose the configuration you wish to open the file in or create a new configuration
  • Attach NovaChat device that contains the custom vocabulary to computer
  • Choose Library Menu from Chat Editor, then Transfer , then Vocab To/From Device 

Copying Files from the device to the Chat Editor 

From the transfer screen, check the vocab file or files you wish to transfer from the device to the PC and click on the To Editor button.  The file name will be listed in Editor Files once complete. Unplug the cable from that NovaChat.

Copying Files from the Editor to the Device 

Plug the cable into the NovaChat that needs the custom vocabulary. Note: this may require a different USB cable that would have been included in your package for this device.  From the transfer screen on the Chat Editor, check the vocab file or files you wish to transfer from the Chat editor to the device: 

  • click on To Device button
  • Choose Done to Close the Transfer Window on the Editor
  • disconnect the device from the computer
  • on the device, choose Menu>Library>newly transferred file>Open

Transferring vocabulary files to and from a Flash Drive (must have Chat Software 2.15 or higher)

You will need a flash drive with an appropriate USB connector for your NovaChat Device. The USB flash drive provided by Saltillo has the appropriate USB connector on one end that plugs into your device and a USB 3.0 connector on the other end that plugs into a computer.  

  • Connect the USB drive to the USB port on your device.

Note: If the device’s file manager opens, use the device’s Back arrow to close it.

  • On the device, select Menu>Library>Menu>Import/Export

Note: A different file management screen may open.  Depending on your device, select or navigate to the USB drive, choose the folder you want, and choose Select or OK

A window will list the customized files under Device on the left. Any files already on the USB drive are listed under Backup Folder on the right.

To transfer files from your device to the USB drive:

  • Select each file on the device that you want to copy to the USB drive.
  • Select To Backup, which is now highlighted. The files will be copied to the USB drive. When the files finish copying, they will be listed under Backup Folder.

To transfer files from the USB drive to your device:

  • Select each file on the USB drive that you want to copy to the device.
  • Select To Device, which is now highlighted. The file(s) will be copied to the device. When the files finish copying, they will be listed under Device.

When you finish transferring files, disconnect the USB drive from your device and store it in a safe location and/or copy the files from the USB drive to a computer for safe keeping.

Note: if your two NovaChat Devices do not have the same USB connector, you will need to plug the USB drive that contains the vocabulary file into a computer, copy the vocabulary file to the computer, plug the other USB drive into the computer and copy the vocabulary file to it.