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You can use the data logging capabilities of your device to collect information on a person’s language development. Then you can upload that information to the Realize Language website. You are able to collect data on your own device, upload the data to the Realize Language website and create easy-to- understand reports. This process allows you to monitor, measure and maximize the person's use of the device.

Realize Language is a subscription-based online service that organizes and analyzes information and presents the results in easy-to-understand graphic formats that provides valuable insights into each person's language development. With this service you can

  • Track the person’s communication development over time
  • Compare different aspects of communication automatically
  • Create a detailed summary of performance
  • Share information with others
  • Quickly create reports that anyone can understand

To learn more, go to the Realize Language website:

To view or download the Realize Language Starter’s Guide, go to

Creating a Privacy Password

Data logging provides the option to create a privacy password to protect the data you collect against unauthorized access.

  1. Choose Menu  > Settings > Data Logging. The first time you use Data Logging, the following message will appear:

Data logging collects personal communication. You may now set up a privacy password to protect your communications from being shared without your permission.

  1. Choose Continue to close the message and open a keyboard for creating a privacy password.
  2. Enter a password and choose Next.
  3. Enter the password again to confirm it and choose Save. The Data Logging menu will open.

Turning Data Logging On or Off

When data logging is turned on, your device collects language usage data, which you can upload to the Realize Language website for web-based analysis or save to a file to analyze manually.

From the Data Logging menu, select Data Logging. A green checkmark will appear to indicate that data logging is turned on.

 Note: To turn data logging off, select Data Logging to remove the green checkmark.

When data logging is turned on, the data logging icon appears in the Speech Display Bar.

Important! If you plan to use the Realize Language website to analyze data, set up a user before you start collecting data.