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Configuring Data Uploading

Note: You must be connected to WiFi to upload data.

  1. Choose Realize Language from the Data Logging menu. The first time you select Realize Language, the following message will appear: “Access to personal communication requires authorization. Please enter your privacy password.” Choose OK. A keyboard will open, prompting you to enter your privacy password.
  2. Enter your privacy password and choose OK. Another keyboard will open, prompting you to enter your Realize Language account email address and Realize Language account password.
  3. Enter your Realize Language account email address and choose Next. The highlight moves to the Realize Language Password field.
  4. Enter your Realize Language account password and choose OK. The device will be connected to the Realize Language website, and the Account/Upload screen will be displayed.
  5. The screen will display your Realize Language account email address; the currently selected person (the person with whom collected data will be associated) or a warning icon  if no person is selected; the Auto Upload checkbox; and the Upload Now button with the date and time of the last data upload.
  6. You can now select a person, set up automatic data uploads, or initiate uploads yourself.

Selecting a Person

A warning icon  following “Person” indicates that no person is selected. If you collect data before selecting a person, that data will be associated with a “default user”. The best practice is to select a person immediately.

  1. From the Account/Upload screen, choose Person. The Person list will be displayed.

      2.Select the person with whom you want to associate data. The following message will appear.

Logged data exists that is not associated with a person. Do you want it associated with [person]?

      3.Choose Yes. The name you select will appear under “Person”, and a checkmark will replace the warning icon.

Hint: At any time, you can choose Person to open the Person list and select a different person.