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Our websites will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on July 30th from 8:00 PM to 11:00PM Eastern Time. During this period, services will be unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

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 Chat Editor will support various configurations of systems.  If you support multiple devices you will want to create configurations to match each devices configuration.  I.e. Susan might use a NOVA chat with English and Spanish vocabulary files with both PCS and SymbolStix images and Holly might use TouchChat with SymbolStix only. 

  • choose the Chat Editor shortcut from your computer’s desktop
  • Choose OK when asked to Create New Configuration
  • Choose the device being used and OK
  • Choose options that match that specific device and OK
  • Give the configuration a name, i.e. Susan’s device
  • If you are supporting just one device, check the box prior to “Skip future selections and use this as default”. 

The Chat Editor should now be open on your computer and should look very similar to the NOVA chat software running on the device.  Most of the following instructions work for both the Chat software running on your device and the Chat Editor Software running on your computer.  One exception is the placement of the menus.  The NOVA chat places the menus at the bottom of the screen and Chat Editor has the menus at the top of the screen. 

The Chat Editor Library contains the same files as the device.  (see Saltillo-Provided Vocabulary Files) 

Any of these can be chosen and explored by highlighting one and choosing it.  Explore the page and button organization by choosing the buttons.  Buttons with arrows in the corners will move to new pages.  As you explore the page layouts, consider if one of these might work as a starting point for the intended device user. 

The “Original” vocabulary files are not able to be modified.  If one of the files would be appropriate for the device user a copy will need to be made by choosing Edit Mode. 

The device user’s vocabulary file can all be created using Chat Editor and then exported to the NOVA chat for use. 

To explore files using Chat Editor, choose Library.  My Resources keeps all custom files, all Default Saltillo Supplied files are kept in the folder specifying the Symbol Set and Language used.