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  1. Be sure to use the charger that shipped with the ChatPC-Silk. The charger is rated at 5 VDC at 2 amps output. Using the wrong charger might keep the unit from charging and could possibly damage the ChatPC-Silk and the battery.
  2. Check that the charger is plugged into a live outlet.
  3. With the charger plugged into the ChatPC-Silk, the red light on the right side of the unit should be on solid and the amber light at the top of the unit by the power button should be on solid. When the unit is fully charged, the amber light by the power button turns solid green.
  4. If there are no charge lights on with the charger plugged in, it may be a bad charger. Try a charger from a different ChatPC-Silk unit if one is available. If one isn’t available you can order one from the Saltillo Corporation. The part number for the charger is TD009.
  5. If the charging lights are on with the charger plugged in and the unit turns on, then go to the Power Status screen and check that it says that it is charging and check the battery percentage(Tap on Edit->General Settings->System tab->Power  button). If the unit was completely dead, it may take several hours of charging before the battery status moves off of 0%.
  6. Tap on the USB Charging tab in the Power Status screen and make sure the box that says Use USB charging is marked and that Fast Charge is marked. Then tap on OK two times to get back to the ChatPC screen.
  7. One thing to try to get the unit to charge would be to plug the Sync cable into the bottom of the ChatPC-Silk while the charger is plugged in. The other end of the Sync cable does not need to be plugged into the computer. The Sync cable connector  has a jumper in it that may allow the unit to turn on and charge faster.
  8. It may be that a hard reset needs done on the unit so that it charges correctly


To perform a hard reset on the unit;

  • Remove the unit from the rubber case
  • Turn the device On, if it isn’t already 
  • Push and maintain the Record (left edge), the Windows, and OK (front of Chat) buttons.   While holding, push and release the reset button (right edge).  Maintain the original three buttons until the screen appears and you see “Clean Boot” in green text appear. 
  • Release all buttons              


  • follow the on screen instructions for stepping through the PocketPC set up
  • ChatPC will then begin to load and again follow the on-screen instructions. You will receive Unknown Publishers warnings, respond Yes to each of these(if you don’t receive the Unknown Publisher warnings but instead see a message about an Update being available – go to addendum A).
  • Once it says Unregistered Version, tap on Help->Registration.
  • Then tap on the Import From File box.
  • Then tap on Accept.
  • Tap on OK to allow it to restart.


addendum A)If you see a message about an Update available for the device;

           a.Tap on Start.

           b. After the update is finished tap on Reset at the bottom of the screen.

           c. Once the device is restarted, tap on the Windows Flag in the upper left corner.

           d. Tap on Programs.

           e. Tap on File Explorer.

           f. It should display something like My Documents at the top of the screen with a down arrow.

          g. Tap on the down arrow and select CF Card.

          h. Tap on the 2577 folder.

           i. Tap on the Autorun file and wait 10 seconds.

           j. It should display Program is from an unknown publisher warning. Tap on yes for each message.

           k. Tap on the X in the upper right corner to close the current window.

            l. It should display an Installation Complete message. Tap on Yes.

          m. The device should display several more Program is from an unknown publisher warnings.

           n. Tap on Yes each time to allow it to run.

           o. Once it says Unregistered Version, tap on Help->Registration.

           p. Then tap on the Import From File box.

           q. Then tap on Accept.

           r. Tap on OK to allow it to restart.

Once it restarts it will be a blank screen with the tool bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap on File->Vocab File->Load Vocab File and select the first file in the list and tap on Choose.

  • Put the unit back in the rubber case.


           9.     It may be that the battery is bad and won’t charge. If that is the case then you will need to call Saltillo Technical Support(877-397-0178) and obtain a Return Authorization Number to send the unit in to have the battery replaced. The ChatPC-Silk battery is not field replaceable.