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Looking to learn more about the TouchChat app and how to use it in your AAC practice? Then this course is for you. You will learn about the history of TouchChat and what is available within the app. An overview of the settings and features of the app, as well as how to customize the app and get started with it in your practice will be covered in this session. Resources to help support you with using TouchChat will be shared.

This training is intended for individuals who have already purchased the application or are interested in learning more about the application.

Participants are encouraged to bring an iOS device with the TouchChat app installed. Devices will not be provided.

Learner Outcomes:  

  1. Identify vocabulary options and understand who the vocabulary might be suited for.
  2. Perform operations to set up the application to meet the needs of clients using setting options available.
  3. Customize a vocabulary. 
  4. Perform operations for backing up a vocabulary file.
  5. Apply implementation knowledge with core vocabulary and describe communication opportunities to use core vocabulary.


5 min - Introductions & Agenda

15 min - Overview of TouchChat app & Updating the app

25 min - Explore vocabulary options: Default and in-app purchase options.

30 min - Explore setting options.

45 min - Customizing TouchChat

10 min - Explore back up options

20 min - Additional Features in TouchChat

20 min - Implementing TouchChat Throughout the Day

10 min - Resources and conclusion

Click here for instructor bio and disclosures

Please note the following details regarding this course:

  • You must register for this course using your own AACLJ account.
  • All attendees will have the opportunity to download a Certificate of Attendance/Completion, depending on the class.
  • ASHA CEU and certificate eligibility require complete live attendance.
  • Certificates will be available to participants with verified attendance within a 2-week processing period.

If this is an online training:

  • Please check that your Zoom software is up to date prior to the course start time.
  • Pop-up blockers can prevent the join button from working properly. Disable any pop-up blockers or allow an exception for AAC Learning Journey.
  • Chrome, Firefox, or Edge are the recommended browsers.


Session Dates:

  • In-person with Connie McCafferty in Dayton, OH
    April 17, 2024 : 8:30 am - 12:00 pm EDT