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Individuals who are learning to use their AAC systems need lots of practice on their core vocabulary words. There are two sets of A Year of Core from PrAACtical AAC: English and Spanish options. Set one (without a year in the description) contains grids of 12 core words, one grid for each month. Set two (indicated with 2014 in the title) will offer  grids of 16 core words, one grid for each month. Speech-language pathologists, educators, and families can keep the grid of the month handy, and use it as a reminder of which words to focus on for that month. Over the year, you will have given the AAC learner focused practice on numerous words that will help them communicate effectively across many environments and activities.


How to Use: Determine which symbol set(s) your learners have in their AAC systems (e.g., PCS/Boardmaker, SymbolStix). Print the grid(s) for the month. Keep it handy as you provide focused language stimulation on those 12 or 16 words throughout the month. You may also want to share copies with the family and other team members.


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Files for "A Year of Core SS by PrAACtical AAC":