Acapela is a Text-to-Speech engine option available for NovaChat devices. If purchasing Acapela voices, they will be added to existing Ivona voice options for English only. If you are interested in purchasing Acapela voices, please contact your local representative. 

Please note:  If you purchase an English/Spanish America device you must choose which synthesizer you would like, as you don't receive both. If you choose Acapela, there will be an additional charge and you must choose whether you would like a male or female voice.  

20 English Voices are included with Acapela:

Graham: UK Adult Male

Nizareng: UK Adult Male

Peter: UK Adult Male

Lucy: UK Adult Female

Rachel: UK Adult Female

Micah: U.S. Adult Male

Rod: U.S. Adult Male

Ryan:  U.S. Adult Male

Saul: U.S. Adult Male

Heather: U.S. Adult Female

Karen: U.S. Adult Female

Laura: U.S. Adult Female

Sharona: U.S. Adult Female

Tyler:  AUS Adult Male

Lisa: AUS Adult Female

Kenny: U.S. Child Male 

Nelly: U.S. Child Female

US Child voices are included with US English devices:

Josh: U.S. Child Male (sample)

Scott: U.S. Child Male (sample)

Ella: U.S. Child Female (sample)

6 Spanish Voices are included with Acapela for the English/Spanish devices:

Antonio: Adult Male, European Spanish Accent

Rodrigo: Adult Male, U.S. Spanish Accent

Maria: Adult Female, European Spanish Accent

Rosa: Adult Female, U.S. Spanish Accent

Note:  The 4 voices above are standard, then you will choose either the Female Valeria or Male Emilio option below for a total of 6 voices.

Emilio: Child Male, U.S. Spanish Accent (sample)

Valeria: Child Female, U.S. Spanish Accent (sample)

Emilio: Child Male, Bilingual English/Spanish (English sample | Spanish sample)

Valeria: Child Female, Bilingual English/Spanish (English sample | Spanish sample)

Additional child voices are available for purchase:

Harry: Child Male, Great Britain English (sample)

Rosie: Child Female, Great Britain English (sample)

Liam: Child Male, Australian English (sample)

Olivia: Child Female, Australian English (sample)

Jonas: Child Male, German (sample)

Lea: Child Female, German (sample)