Saltillo is thrilled to offer Ivona voices in the NovaChat & ChatFusion devices. Ivona Text to Speech prides themselves with leading the field with natural voice quality and inflection. 

12 English voices are included with Ivona:

Joey: U.S. Adult Male

Eric: U.S. Adult Male

Kendra: U.S. Adult Female

Kimberly: U.S. Adult Female

Salli:  U.S. Teen Female

Justin:  U.S. Child Male

Ivy: U.S. Child Female

Brian: UK Adult Male

Amy: UK Adult Female

Emma: UK Adult Female

Nicole:  AUS Adult Female

Russell:  AUS Adult Male

4 Spanish Voices are included with Ivona for the English/Spanish devices:

Conchita: Adult Female, ESP

Enrique: Adult Male ESP

Miguel: Adult Male, USA

Penelope: Adult Female, USA

Note:  Although Ivona features the ability to synthesize speech in multiple languages, unless specified at purchase, the vocabulary files provided on the NovaChat & ChatFusion are all provided in English. At the time of this posting English/Spanish America files are available upon a language request at purchase. See the Language section for details.