Saltillo is thrilled to offer Ivona voices in the NovaChat devices. Ivona Text to Speech prides themselves with leading the field with natural voice quality and inflection. 

12 English voices are included with Ivona:

Joey: U.S. Adult Male

Eric: U.S. Adult Male

Kendra: U.S. Adult Female

Kimberly: U.S. Adult Female

Salli:  U.S. Teen Female

Justin:  U.S. Child Male

Ivy: U.S. Child Female

Brian: UK Adult Male

Amy: UK Adult Female

Emma: UK Adult Female

Nicole:  AUS Adult Female

Russell:  AUS Adult Male

4 Spanish Voices are included with Ivona for the English/Spanish devices:

Conchita: Adult Female, ESP

Enrique: Adult Male ESP

Miguel: Adult Male, USA

Penelope: Adult Female, USA

Note:  Although Ivona features the ability to synthesize speech in multiple languages, unless specified at purchase, the vocabulary files provided on NovaChat devices are all provided in English. At the time of this posting English/Spanish America files are available upon a language request at purchase. See the Language section for details.