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June of the 2020 Calendar highlights a cookbook. The selected book is Chef Gino’s Taste Test Challenge by Gino Campagna. We selected this book because of the author’s passion for cooking, teaching, and working with children. The recipes are simple and easy to follow.

Chef Gino offers tips for cooking with kids, kitchen rules, an exploration of tools, and a ton of recipes to try! Throughout the recipe collection, you will read stories that take you around the world, such as learning where different types of rice and grains come from.

Saltillo consultants and their children demonstrate making a couple of their favorite recipes and model target words on NovaChat® devices using WordPower™60 basic.

First, Brittany and her daughter show us how to make Ants on a log and models the words "put" and "on," with a few others throughout the process. Then, Amanda and her daughter show us how to make a pizza. She models "put," "on," and "more" along with a few other words as they build their yummy pizza.

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