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Communication for a person with Aphasia (PWA) is often very challenging. It can negatively impact an individual’s participation in daily life and interaction with his/her communication partners. Therefore, it is essential that intervention include both restorative approaches, aimed at improving the communication impairment, and compensatory approaches, aimed at maximizing communication function for social interaction. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is an example of a treatment strategy that combines elements of both compensatory and restorative approaches. Low-tech AAC strategies (e.g., written choice communication, pictures, gestures) have been widely used to support communication. With increased availability of and advances in technology, clinicians and families are asking if and how high-tech (e.g., communication app or device), AAC can be incorporated into treatment strategies. This session will review current research supporting use of both low-tech and high-tech AAC with PWA. It will discuss more commonly practiced low-tech AAC strategies and explore potential for infusing high-tech AAC into these same strategies. Participants will experience AAC strategies through video demonstrations and case study examples. Resources that may benefit a PWA will be shared.

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