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Saltillo's 20 for 20 Device Giveaway

Posted on 2016-01-20 14:55:46 by Admin under News

2.2.0 Chat Software Update

Posted on 2016-01-13 14:56:50 by Admin under News

2.2.0 Chat software was released today. To download the Chat 2.2.0 Software Update, go to Support and choose your device.  Under downloads, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update.  You can also initiate an automatic update on the device by going to Menu > Help > Check for Updates.

New Device Features:

  • Acapela Vocal Smileys Acapela-Group has added the capability of using Voice Sounds and Exclamations to their voices.  See Featured Article on Saltillo Support Site for your specific product.
  • Block and Flow Modes have been added to Scanning Patterns
  • Scan Optimization option has been added to Block and Flow Scanning modes
  • Scan Editor – provides a way to customize the scan pattern for a specific page or all pages
  • Stop Scan button action – allows the scanner to stop the scan from a specific button
  • Visual Effects for Alternate Access Techniques
    • Outline – can change the width and color
    • Translucent Overlay – can change opacity and color
    • Invert Colors
    • Magnify
    • Each visual effect listed above can be animated

New Chat Editor Features:

  • Chat Fusion was added
  • A Rotating option for imported images has been added