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February's Spotlight Star- Megan

Posted on 2016-02-18 12:36:22 by Admin under AAC in Action

Megan's story

Megan has been through more in her life time, than most people.  Megan had a brain hemorrhage when she was 12 years, old two days before her 13th birthday, which is Christmas. Meg lost all function including head, trunk, arm and leg control and speech. Within the next 10 years, she had a second and third brain surgery to reduce seizures. After her second surgery, she was introduced to an electronic augmentative communication device.  We saw Meg learn to make comments, and requests.   Several years ago, Meg's talker was not charging, and I called around to see who was willing to help us.  Saltillo actually helped us REPEATEDLY keeping her old talker repaired and running.  This past summer, we went through the process of being reevaluated and chose the Nova Chat 10! Meg had not responded well to computer speech, but she does like and will initiate when I record comments, and phrases. It's been a process to record every icon, but the end result has been very positive for Meg.  We are confident and have been so appreciative with Saltillo's Customer Service, and the technology assistance Cecilia has provided us. The transition to Nova Chat 10 has been a process, and has been supported by Cecilia's help.  The end result has definitely been worth the process.

The unique day program Megan was attending unexpectedly closed down. Megan found herself hanging out at home. One day while we were in the Dr.’s office Megan began using her Nova Chat.  She selected icons on her Nova Chat about her previous program and was calling one of the staff.  It was the perfect opportunity to help Meg understand the situation and talk about her feelings.

We found a new day program, and today is day three.  We are so blessed the staff has been working with Meg with her talker every day.  So far Meg has initiated using her Nova Chat every day answering questions.  We are working on getting a new page and new selections with Meg 's new day program, and staff. Thank you Saltillo!


Molly Kay

Megan's mom