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NovaChat® 2.41 Update Now Available

Posted on 2023-02-24 09:53:26 by Admin under News

It’s time to update your NovaChat® devices. Start by connecting to WiFi. Then go to Menu > Help > Check for Updates and follow the prompts. Now let’s look at what’s new in version 2.41 of your Chat Software.

LogMeIn Rescue Support

After updating to version 2.41, your NovaChat device will have the ability to connect remotely with the service department through LogMeIn rescue if needed. This can help our service team offer you better support when troubleshooting concerns with your device.

WordPower® Updates

WordPower 42 Basic
In the Food and Drink pages, you now have the ability to describe what the food or drink tastes like. When you press “it,” you can then say, “it tastes” or “it is,” and then choose from the describers available.

WordPower 108 & WordPower 108 with Keyboard
Core words have been added on more category pages. A button to go to the Actions page has also been added to category pages. This allow you to expand on utterances and efficiently make sentences from those pages.

Don’t forget to check out the resources that PRC-Saltillo has to offer to support you and your NovaChat users.

Check Out The New Features Available In The 2.41 App Release

Posted on 2023-02-22 10:23:26 by Admin under News

This week, PRC-Saltillo released version 2.41 updates to our three AAC iOS Apps: TouchChat®, LAMP Words for Life®, and Dialogue® AAC. Included in the 2.41 release are new app features, bug fixes, and vocabulary updates. Here’s what you need to know.

New features for all AAC apps

Moveable Cursor

The biggest feature released in 2.41 is the ability to edit within the speech display bar (SDB). Available in all three apps, you’ll now be able to move the cursor anywhere in the box allowing you to make changes when a mishit occurs rather than deleting everything in the display and starting over.

How does it work? This feature works by either placing a cursor with your finger or using buttons in the vocabulary to move the cursor at the character, word, or sentence level. During the initial release, vocabularies will need to be programmed using the new button actions. We plan to include these buttons in some of our original vocabularies in future software updates.

Open a Specific Website

You can now program a button to link to a specific website like your AAC learner’s favorite website, a planned educational activity, and more! When programming, there’s an option to restrict access which doesn't allow user to open other links on the page. This is a great feature to help keep your AAC learner focused during a learning session.

Open App List Button

The new open apps list button will give users the ability to open apps from the following list:

  • Choiceworks Calendar
  • Talking Calculator Pro
  • Google Slides
  • MS Word

Note: Choiceworks apps are not included in LAMP Words for Life.

New feature for TouchChat & Dialogue

Pause & Resume Button

For eye/head tracking users, you will now have a button available to pause the eye/head tracking feature when you are taking a break. Use the same button to resume eye/head tracking when you are ready to continue your conversation.

Voice updates

Your AAC app includes an array of powerful voice options from Almagu, an international developer of text-to-speech technology. The Almagu speech engine has recently made improvements to voice quality and pronunciation for Spanish and English voices. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Learn more about voice options including a new voice donor for kids.

WordPower Updates for 2.41

Make note of these vocabulary updates within TouchChat.

WordPower108 files

  • Core vocabulary added to category pages
  • Added actions to category pages

WordPower42 Basic

  • Changes to food and drink pages: now you can say “it tastes” and food descriptions come up or, say “it is,” and describe comes up with food/drink descriptors
  • Indian food category added
  • Desert animals added


Stay informed on PRC-Saltillo’s industry-leading apps on our new YouTube Channel and through the links below.