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Explore AAC App Tips In One Convenient Location

Posted on 2023-01-24 08:47:11 by Admin under Resources & Tips

Stay in the know with your favorite PRC-Saltillo AAC iOS Apps. Tutorials, support videos, and technology features can now be found on one YouTube Channel. Explore the ever-growing list of resources for LAMP Words for Life®, TouchChat®, and Dialogue® AAC and subscribe to the new channel today.

There’s always something to learn with our trio of AAC apps because great new features become available regularly. PRC-Saltillo offers unmatched training and support so you can make the most of your language technology. Our TIPS team, that’s Training and Implementation Products and Services for short, is dedicated to bringing you the latest information and step-by-step teaching tools. Their expert advice as speech-language pathologists and assistive technology gurus will elevate your knowledge and help you and your communication partners succeed in AAC.

On the new channel, you’ll find resources for new AAC learners as well as long-time app aficionados. It’s a great place for everyone on the AAC team to find quick videos, read-alouds, and game-changing tips for all of our industry-leading AAC apps.

  • Explore the “Start Your Engines” classes that are available for TouchChat and LAMP Words for Life that will help AAC teams and families who just purchased these apps to cover the basics and begin with confidence
  • Check out our implementation playlist for videos that show ways to engage AAC learners
  • Plus, our app update videos will give you the most current info on features that will enhance the user experience

We’re making it easy for you to discover helpful tips and interactive tools for all of our industry-leading AAC apps in one convenient location. Subscribe today!

If there’s a topic you’d like to see highlighted on the new channel, let us know. Contact the TIPS team at

*Note: The previous TouchChat App YouTube Channel ( has expanded to become the new AAC Apps Channel. While the old link will no longer be active, all previous videos will still be accessible through the new link. Plus, new videos are being added regularly.

Not an AAC app user yet? AAC apps can be a great start into your exploration of AAC vocabulary and technology. They can supplement other AAC strategies or serve as standalone. They can also be helpful in teaching family members and friends how AAC works. These apps can be purchased separately and immediately downloaded for your iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone, or they are available on a funded speech-generating device like the Via® Mini or Via Pro.

Interested in getting one of our industry-leading apps on a funded device? Connect with a PRC-Saltillo Consultant today!

Hope to see you at ATIA 2023

Posted on 2023-01-20 15:19:22 by Admin under News

ATIA 2023 is just around the corner! We hope to see you in Orlando January 31 to February 4! PRC-Saltillo is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this annual conference that brings the latest assistive technology and strategies to a network of people who care about individuals with special needs.

Stop by our booth (#413) and say hello!

  • Test drive our latest Accent®, NovaChat®, and Via® devices, including the NEW Via® Mini you’ve been asking for
  • See the latest in the Versa™ line of consumer products that’s sure to be a game changer and share your feedback
  • Meet our PRC-Saltillo ambassadors and talk to them about their own AAC Journey
  • Connect with our consultants to ask questions about our products and support services
  • Take an Adventure in AAC Land where you’ll experience fun, creative ways to implement AAC
  • Give us a High Five to learn more about our NEW industry-leading warranty and get a special gift while supplies last
  • Enter for a chance to win registration to an AAC conference of your choice; details at the booth

Don’t miss all the great AAC learning opportunities from PRC-Saltillo

Our amazing colleagues and friends fill the speaker lineup at this year’s event with presentations to help you and your communication partners excel in AAC.

Thursday, February 2 (located in Bonaire 1 unless noted)

8:30 - 9:30am
Case Studies: Implications of AAC Decision Making in Early Education Transitions
Emily Yosuico & Laura Clark

9:45 - 10:45am
All Write All Ready: Independent Writing Activities for Emergent AAC Learners
Beth Waite-Lafever

1:00 - 2:00pm
Chart Your Course with AAC Learning Journey
Cortney Maholtz and Beth Waite-Lafever

2:15 - 3:15pm
Track, Touch, Scan: iOS Accessibility for AAC Apps
Shawn Malcomson

4:30 - 5:30pm
Hints and hacks for maximizing use of Realize Language data logging
Russell Cross

Friday, February 3 (located in Bonaire 1 unless noted)

8:30 - 9:30am
Soar with Unity® Superpowers: Exciting features lead to new adventures!
Beth Waite-Lafever

9:45 - 10:45am
Ignite Potential: Using WordPower® to Its Fullest
Cortney Maholtz

1:00 - 2:00pm
Meeting the Needs of Bilingual Individuals who Use AAC
Daniel Dardiz & Deborah Witkowski

2:00 - 2:20pm (located in the Exhibit Hall)
New from PRC-Saltillo
Kirk Behnke and Heather Prenovost

2:15 - 3:15pm
Using the LAMP® Approach School-wide: Measuring Communication Partner Skill
Jeremy Legaspi, Staci Dover, Courtney Rogers

2:15 - 3:15pm (located in Boca 2)
Public Speaking & Leadership with Toastmasters International and AAC
Cortney Maholtz and Kevin Williams

4:30 - 5:30pm
Bilingual English/Spanish AAC Vocabulary Solutions from PRC-Saltillo
Daniel Dardiz, Sarah Waldman, Maria Rivera

Check them out in the online session directory and be sure to mark them in your ATIA 2023 app!

26th Annual Edwin and Esther Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecture

We’re also pleased to sponsor the 26th Annual Edwin and Esther Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecture to honor the life and work of the late Edwin (PRC-Saltillo co-founder) and Esther Prentke. Ashley Mohesky, the 2023 Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecturer, will share her perspective in her lecture, The Intersect of Success and AAC. The lecture takes place during the in-person conference on Friday, February 3, 2023 and will be live streamed for free as part of the ATIA 2023 Virtual Event. Learn more about this special session.

One, Two, Three Times The Power Of AAC

Posted on 2023-01-20 15:05:23 by Admin under News


We're excited to bring you the totally NEW Via® Mini and the next generations of the Accent® 800 & 1000! These three dynamic speech-generating devices are designed to help you and your AAC partners engage freely in communication. Here’s a preview of the latest AAC tools from PRC-Saltillo with the features you’ve been waiting for!

The Via Family Has Grown…Introducing the Via Mini

Built on the familiar processing power of iOS, the Via Mini is durable, portable, and comes with your choice of research-based apps (LAMP Words for Life®, TouchChat®, or Dialogue® AAC) to make communication convenient for a variety of individuals in need of AAC. The splash- and dust-resistant design exceeds industry requirements for protection against solids and liquids so you can include your Via Mini in your daily activities without worry. Personalize your device with a durable, shock-absorbing EVA foam active wrap that comes in five colors. Learn more about the functions and features of the Via Mini in our eStore.

Accent…Next Generation Models Packed with New Features

Accent 800

Designed for increased durability and more dynamic performance, the Accent 800 now boasts 64% thicker customized Gorilla Glass®, more memory, and a larger battery – making it the strongest, most powerful, and longest-lasting 800 generation yet. A stronger, more durable handle provides a thicker grip with a soft rubber coating for comfortable carrying. Contrast printed port labels make it easier for you to see ports and eliminate confusion. A larger, longer-lasting battery, faster CPU, and increased memory will keep your conversations going. Explore the user-friendly features of the Accent 800.

Accent 1000

With added toughness and multiple access options, the Accent 1000 is reliable and responsive whether at home or on the go. Faster CPU and increased memory allow for more powerful and responsive hardware for features like symbol search and vocabulary loading time. The Accent 1000 is available with the Look® Eye Tracking System for state-of-the-art access in a compact package. The device also accommodates wired and wireless switches, keyguards and touchguides, and NuPoint® Head Tracking for a variety of access options. Learn more about the power and accessibility of the Accent 1000.

“These devices were built with the newest technology paired with tried-and-true vocabularies,” said Sarah Wilds, Chief Operating Officer at PRC-Saltillo. “More importantly, they were built with you in mind because everyone deserves a voice. Join us in celebrating this triple-device release featuring multiple access options to make communication possible for even more individuals and families.”

Our latest AAC devices are stronger and easier to use than ever. All three are available as dedicated, fundable devices. And they’re covered by our new High Five Warranty. You’ll experience only the best device quality and support from day one through extended use.

Choosing the right device for you is a big decision. Connect with a PRC-Saltillo consultant in your area today to learn more about AAC devices to supplement or compensate for your unique communication challenges.

Experience The Promise And Protection Of Our New Product Warranties

Posted on 2023-01-03 17:51:05 by Admin under News

PRC-Saltillo aspires to provide exceptional service and quality products. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce two new industry-leading warranty programs, the High Five Warranty and Peace of Mind Add-on Warranty, to keep you actively communicating with a device that’s operating at its highest level!

High Five Warranty

Every device sold by PRC-Saltillo in the U.S. and Liberator Communications Canada after January 1, 2023 will come with our High Five Warranty that covers repairs due to defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the device shipment date. This coverage also includes:

  • Three accidental damage repairs for Accent® and NovaChat® devices
  • Two accidental damage repairs for Via® devices

Life happens sometimes. Simply reach out to the PRC-Saltillo service team at any time during the five-year period for this benefit.

Peace of Mind Add-on Warranty

If you’re looking for even more device protection, our Peace of Mind Add-on Warranty is designed to supplement our High Five Warranty. The Peace of Mind warranty offers worry-free coverage with unlimited accidental device and accessory repairs, regardless of frequency or cause at a reasonable annual cost.

This coverage is available for all devices shipped to clients in the U.S. after January 1, 2023. It’s also offered for most devices shipped prior to January 1, 2023 that are still within five years of shipment.

“The High Five Warranty demonstrates device quality from day one through extended use as well as our strong focus on addressing customer needs,” said Sarah Wilds, Chief Operating Officer at PRC-Saltillo. “We want to keep our customers and their communication partners engaging in meaningful conversations. And we’re here to provide support should something get in the way.”

Your device is an integral part of your daily routine. You take it to all the places where you work, learn, and play. We hope these warranties will ease your stress if your device isn’t working and your voice is on pause. Our service team will efficiently assess your device and make the necessary repairs or offer a solution to get a device back to you as soon as possible.

Questions? Learn more about our brand-new warranties.

PRC-Saltillo prioritizes the quality of our speech-generating devices and support services even as the costs of components, labor, and testing have continued to rise. We’ve absorbed as much of these increased costs as possible but will be minimally raising the price of our devices effective January 1, 2023. We’re confident that the new five-year warranty coverage, our best-in-class clinical support, and the high quality of our devices will ensure your satisfaction. Please note: Current price quotes will be honored.

 Send your questions about this change through our online contact form