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2.18 Chat Software Update Packed with Great New Features

Posted on 2019-03-14 11:47:33 by Admin under News

From Special Pages to Vocabulary, you'll find cool and useful new upgrades to help streamline communication. Read below some of what you'll find in this software update or watch our helpful video:

Download the 2.18 software update for your device.


When you make a special page your home page, two icons will precede the page name. If the page is currently open, you will see a green check mark in front of the page. The dialog box for setting special pages has been modified to use checkboxes so multiple special page assignments can be made through a single user action. This also enables you to unassign special pages.


ChatSMS, the texting feature on NovaChat® and ChatFusion™ devices, has been removed from the Google Play store. It can still be installed on an Android™ phone. Click here for instructions to download and install.


WP80 and WP108 w Keyboard

To complete the questions access using the first letter, you can now select "H" from the main page to get to "how"

WP42Basic & WP60 Basic

  • Provides verb endings when you select the verb “line up” (-s, -ed, -ing now appear when appropriate)
  • Verbs whisper, cut, and mow have been added

WP25 Scan & Touch

    • "2019" fixed in file
    • Next logical words have been added for the following:
      • Actions > take (a walk, a ride, a break, a picture, a bath, a shower)
      • Describe > good (job, idea)
      • Actions > take > a picture (of me)

WP20 Simply

  • Next logical words have been added for the following: 
    • Actions > more actions > take (a walk, a bath, a shower, a ride)
    • Question > how much > does it cost?

Communication Journey: Afasia Español files have been added

Language Lab Leader’s Labor of Love

Posted on 2019-03-04 20:15:20 by Admin under News

It was a project near and dear to her heart. 

For PRC-Saltillo’s Jane Odom, M.Ed., the Language Lab has been the fulfillment of a desire to provide augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) materials to educators, SLPs, parents and communicators themselves. 

“Helping to facilitate language development means the world to me,” said Odom, who developed the Language Lab in 2009. “Having the Language Lab available as an AAC resource for others has been a joy to develop and grow.” 

From that desire the Language Lab has grown – and continues to grow, with a new look and tools to make using the site even easier to navigate and use. 

The new website’s updated features, according to Odom, will include guided lesson plans, a new activities section, a new language screener, implementation tips, and more. 

For adults, there’s a curriculum available developed in conjunction with Temple University’s Institute on Disabilities. 

In addition, she noted, the site features an interactive language screener to quickly assess the stage of language a student is in, and how to determine when he or she is ready to move forward to the next stage. 

“This, I think, is a real value to SLPs, educators and caregivers,” said Odom. 

Each lesson plan or activity includes suggested next steps, to help learning and growth to continue. Guided lesson plans for each language state help direct activities based on specific language objectives. 

The Language Lab’s blog is expanded and full of stories: Touching. Informative. Inspiring. Humorous. 

Written by SLPs, parents and device users themselves, there’s a wealth of information, tips, strategies and more, all from people who are experienced and knowledgeable, said Odom. 

Like what you see? Be sure to “Like” your favorite lessons to help others choose, as well. Or, be sociable! Share lesson plans and activities on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. 

Looking for something in particular? A more robust site-wide search now finds resources in a flash. 

“The best part? An annual subscription is only $19.95 per year,” said Odom. “With so much available, it’s a great way to build language – and have some fun! And really, who can put a price on that?”

Check it out!