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Coaching with AAC Custom Coaching

Posted on 2021-09-27 09:29:10 by Admin under News

AAC Custom Coaching logo

New! For parents/caregivers interested in learning how to be more effective when interacting with a child using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

Working with a new speech-generating device is exciting, and there’s so much to learn… from understanding the vocabulary system to programming the device and more.

What you need…is a coach. Someone to walk you through it all.

AAC Group Coaching from PRC-Saltillo is here to help!

What is AAC Group Coaching?

AAC Group Coaching provides parents/caregivers with communication partner training to increase their skills for interacting with children who use AAC for communication. It has been specifically designed for communication partners supporting children using PRC-Saltillo speech-generating devices and apps.


Over the course of four, hour-long, online sessions, participants will learn about communication techniques and strategies to encourage receptive/expressive language and communication with their child using AAC.

These sessions take place over four weeks and include six parents/caregivers and one AAC Coach, a certified speech-language pathologist with expertise in AAC and vocabulary systems.


By increasing their communication partner skills, families and caregivers will assist their children using these devices to become better communicators. This will improve their child’s ability to:

  • Direct self-care
  • Participate in learning activities
  • Increase independence
  • Increase the ability to express wants, needs, thoughts, feelings, questions, and medical concerns

AAC Group Coaching provides parents/caregivers with the chance to learn from an experienced AAC coach as well as from parents like themselves, who may have different perspectives to share.

Specific skills taught to parents/caregivers include:

  • The importance of making their child’s communication system available in all environments
  • Where to get a low-tech back-up version of their child’s communication device
  • Techniques for inviting children to communicate with their SGDs and not telling them what to say
  • Developmental language stages to assist with realistic expectations for beginning communication goals using the SGD
  • How to determine which vocabulary words to focus on with the SGD
  • Use of aided language/modeling strategies to teach and encourage communication
  • Where to locate numerous free and low-cost resources for continued support once the group is over

Supporting Each Other

Meeting in a small group environment allows parents/caregivers to support and encourage each other. Often parents/caregivers of children with significant communication disorders who use SGDs have had little opportunity to talk with other parents in similar situations.

AAC Group Coaching provides parents/caregivers the chance to learn from an experienced AAC coach as well as from parents like themselves who have different perspectives to share.

Sign Up Now!

Don’t wait – space is limited, and cost is only $200 for four weeks of coaching! Sign up now and learn how to help your child become a more effective communicator.

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