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Cool New Features Await in TouchChat Update 2.30!

Posted on 2021-04-01 10:19:32 by Admin under News

TouchChat update 2.30 is here and with it comes new features and bug fixes you've been looking for! 


    • Highlight words as they are spoken in the Speech Display Bar (SDB) - Available within the settings of the TouchChat app, this great literacy feature allows you to turn on the feature and select your preferred highlight color. It can even be used with Telephony!
    • The VoiceKeeper Text to Speech engine updates - Able to be used with TouchChat, this add-on purchase has been updated with V3 voices, which means that the voice quality is improved and easier to achieve. With a minimum of 50 sentences recorded, you can hear your personalized voice. The more you record, the better the voice will be! Visit to learn more.
    • “Bose®Connect” added to open apps - Now available to the open app button action, this feature allows individuals to connect to a Bose Bluetooth® speaker.
    • WordPower™ has been refreshed with a few minor symbol updates across the files
    • SymbolStix® & PCS® have been updated with a few new symbols related to COVID-19

Bug fixes:

  • Apple voices no longer say “Capital I” when an “I” is selected
  • Skin tone randomizer is now listed under “vocabulary settings” section
  • The randomize button is now available directly on the vocabulary settings page when skin tone is set to random
  • Issue with the app only speaking the last sentence in messages with multiple sentences has been corrected
  • Corrected problem with “skip empty cell” not working properly
  • Fixed a bug causing some iPhone menus to stretch off the right side of the screen
  • Keyboard no longer covers name field when trying to name an imported picture
  • Corrected a bug that caused certain BMP images to not display
  • Fixed issue with missing voices not showing warning message
  • French WordPower descriptions will appear in English in the WordPower folder when the device is set to English. When the device is set to French, the French descriptions will be in the top-level vocab list.