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New Español Version of Popular WordPower25 Now Available

Posted on 2022-04-15 12:11:24 by Admin under News

Ideal for users at the beginning of their AAC journey or for individuals with motor or vision challenges, WordPower25 Español features a robust vocabulary in 25 buttons that align as closely as possible with the recently updated WordPower25 in English. 

Developed by Nancy L. Inman, M.A.T., CCC-SLP, WordPower25 Español is a perfect choice for bilingual families. Its core vocabulary is ideal for AAC users who may benefit from fewer and larger buttons on their screen as well as quick and easy access to the most commonly used words and phrases. 

WordPower25 Español makes it easy for speech-language pathologists, school staff, parents, and family members to navigate between the vocabularies, allowing seamless modeling in both languages while providing the user with more opportunities for social interaction in the language that’s most appropriate for any given situation. 

WordPower25 Español Also Includes a Variety of Literacy Supports

  • 25-location spelling page
  • Beginning books that help enhance early literacy
  • Phonics Español
  • Writing to apps (ESCRIBIR APLICACIONES)

 Learn More!  

WordPower® VocabulariesOffer Solutions for a Diverse Range of Users

These word-based AAC vocabulary files facilitate quick and easy language generation with high-frequency core words color coded into parts of speech (pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) that remain consistent for easy access. In addition to the new WordPower25 Español, this language system is also available in 20, 25 Touch & Scan, 42 Basic, 42, 48, 60 Basic, 60, 80, 108 with Keyboard, 108 Button Page Layout, and 140 Scan & Touch locations. A variety of Spanish and French options are available.