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PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

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Closing the Gap 2013

Posted on 2013-08-15 13:07:51 by Admin under News

Closing the Gap is less than 2 months away!  Have you registered yet?  It takes place October 9-11 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bloomington.  There will be a lot of wonderful presentations and so much great information to share with each other.  While you are there, we encourage you to check out the following presentations:

WordPower: New Options and Features for TouchChat App and NOVA Chat Devices

Date: Thu, Oct 10, 2013 from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Location: Plaza 4
Category: augmentative communication

This session will provide an in-depth overview of the WordPower and ChatPower AAC vocabularies that have been designed for the TouchChat app and Saltillo's NOVA chat devices. New WordPower vocabularies will be reviewed, including those with 20, 24, 30, 42, 48, 60 and 80 locations. Various access strategies, including manipulation of touch screen sensitivity and scanning, will be explained and demonstrated. Unique features for TouchChat and NOVA chat vocabularies, such as use of "gestures," sharing/copying information from the WordPower vocabulary to a document, email and Facebook will be demonstrated.

Nancy Inman


Bridging Gaps: Literacy into Technology

Date: Fri, Oct 11, 2013 from 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Location: Plaza 4
Category: literacy

This presentation is designed to help early childhood professionals use repetition, literature and assistive technology to create a language-rich environment for both verbal and nonverbal children. Saltillo technology now allows nonverbal children within one classroom to benefit from using Read It Once Again's curriculum technique of combining literature with repetition. Participants will learn how to use goals and objectives combined with appropriate activities necessary to provide students with an educational program that will meet their basic needs in each of the five domains commonly addressed in the early childhood classroom.

Rae Schaper
Lisa Timm

NOVA Chat 1.9.0 Vocabulary Update & NOVA Chat Editor 1.9.9 Software/Vocabulary Update

Posted on 2013-07-31 11:05:16 by Admin under News

We have released a vocabulary update for the Nova Chat Version 1.9.0 and a software/vocabulary update for NOVA Chat Editor 1.9.9.  This update adds an additional vocabulary File, ChatPower20 Simply (see below for description), along with making updates to some of the other vocabulary files.  This will NOT change your version number on the device.  After the update, it will still appear as 1.9.0, but you will see the ChatPower20 Simply in the vocabulary list.  The version number will, however, change on the Nova Chat Editor.  Updates for both are available here.

ChatPower20 Simply incorporates carrier phrases with core words for quick and easy language generation and therefore, could be called a “hybrid,” because it can be used primarily as a phrase-based system, or as a word-based system.  It was designed for users with motor disabilities and access issues, those with vision impairment that need large cells and print, cognitively and severely language disabled individuals who benefit from phrases to assist with quick language generation, and those who have scanning access needs.

How to Download & Transfer News-2-You pages to your Nova Chat device

Posted on 2013-06-26 13:36:28 by Admin under News

Did you ever wonder what to do with the News-2-You pages that are located on our Implementation page of our website (  Wonder no more! This video will show you how to get those pages downloaded and transferred to your Nova Chat, and gives suggestions on where to link to them. It's a brief tutorial that will show you exactly what to do!


NOVA Chat & NOVA Chat Editor 1.9.0 Software Update

Posted on 2013-06-12 15:21:24 by Admin under News

New Nova Chat software update 1.9.0 has been released and is available for download on our website.   This update adds the following features for your Nova Chat device:

  • Word Finder (must be turned on in settings & then will show up in your menu)
  • "Jump to Page" button action
  • Cell Grid (allows you to add the outline of buttons that have not been created)

 There is also an update 1.9.2 to the Nova Chat Editor available here.  It adds the following features:

  • Added categories to vocabulary files and templates

 **Please note:  Version 1.8.0 was skipped, so you must run the update for 1.7.0 – 1.9.0