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Chat Software Update 2.30 is Here!

Posted on 2021-04-06 15:04:17 by Admin under News

It's time to update your Chat device with the latest and greatest features…check them out below and be sure to watch the video for more details! 


  • Application Settings – when you select the Menu button, you will see that "Settings" has been changed to "Application Settings".
  • Vocabulary Settings – is a new menu option that provides access to customizing gestures and SymbolStix® skin tones while in Edit Mode.
  • SymbolStix Skin Tone Randomizer – this means that skin tones are assigned randomly throughout the vocabulary. If selected, you will see a warning indicating that you will not be able to undo the randomization. Instead, you will be able to re-randomize the tones or select a skin tone to be used across the file.


  • Show Hidden Buttons – while in Edit Mode, if you attempt to hide buttons while the "Show Hidden Button" setting is on, you will receive a notification telling you the setting is on with an option to disable the setting.
  • Use Same Button - A notification alerting you that a button was created with "Use Same Button" allows you to edit the single instance, all instances, or cancel the edit - see example in video below.


  • WordPowerhas a few minor changes with symbol updates across the files.
  • COVID symbols have been added to SymbolStix® (SS) and PCS® libraries – for SS, search "covid" in the search window; for PCS, search "virus".

 Download Today!


Cool New Features Await in TouchChat Update 2.30!

Posted on 2021-04-01 10:19:32 by Admin under News

TouchChat update 2.30 is here and with it comes new features and bug fixes you've been looking for! 


    • Highlight words as they are spoken in the Speech Display Bar (SDB) - Available within the settings of the TouchChat app, this great literacy feature allows you to turn on the feature and select your preferred highlight color. It can even be used with Telephony!
    • The VoiceKeeper Text to Speech engine updates - Able to be used with TouchChat, this add-on purchase has been updated with V3 voices, which means that the voice quality is improved and easier to achieve. With a minimum of 50 sentences recorded, you can hear your personalized voice. The more you record, the better the voice will be! Visit to learn more.
    • “Bose®Connect” added to open apps - Now available to the open app button action, this feature allows individuals to connect to a Bose Bluetooth® speaker.
    • WordPower™ has been refreshed with a few minor symbol updates across the files
    • SymbolStix® & PCS® have been updated with a few new symbols related to COVID-19

Bug fixes:

  • Apple voices no longer say “Capital I” when an “I” is selected
  • Skin tone randomizer is now listed under “vocabulary settings” section
  • The randomize button is now available directly on the vocabulary settings page when skin tone is set to random
  • Issue with the app only speaking the last sentence in messages with multiple sentences has been corrected
  • Corrected problem with “skip empty cell” not working properly
  • Fixed a bug causing some iPhone menus to stretch off the right side of the screen
  • Keyboard no longer covers name field when trying to name an imported picture
  • Corrected a bug that caused certain BMP images to not display
  • Fixed issue with missing voices not showing warning message
  • French WordPower descriptions will appear in English in the WordPower folder when the device is set to English. When the device is set to French, the French descriptions will be in the top-level vocab list.

KeyGuards, TouchGuides, and KeyGuides - Oh My! What’s the Difference?

Posted on 2021-02-02 17:17:17 by Admin under News

It's a question we hear fairly often: Keyguards? TouchGuides? KeyGuides? What are they? How are they different? How do I know what to buy?

Keyguards, TouchGuides, KeyGuides: A Definition

Keyguards, TouchGuides, and KeyGuides are types of access technologies that support touch access on speech generating devices. These are available in different colors (e.g., black, white, clear), sizes, and styles (e.g., hinged, fixed). Below is a brief overview of each one. You can learn more details on the PRC-Saltillo eStore.

Pictures and Definitions

keyguard example 1   touchguide example 1   tactile keyguide example 1
keyguard example 2   touchguide example 2   tactile keyguide example 2






keyguard example 3   touchguide example 3   tactile keyguide example 3
Typically has rectangular openings which allows for full visibility of the icon and label. Depth allows for more accuracy without accidental hits from other parts of the fingers or hand. Gives a clear definition of the boundaries between buttons. Hinges upward so it can easily moved out of the way for access to programming menus.   Typically has oval openings which can slightly obstruct the visilibilty of icons and labels. Openings are shallow and designed for an individual whose fingers, headstick, stylus, or other access method might get “stuck” in the deep openings of a KeyGuard. Provides a subtle distinction between locations. Does not hinge – must be removed for access to programming menus.   Only available on the Accent 1000 and intended for use with the LAMP VI language system (for visually impaired). Features 84 oval-shaped openings, like the TouchGuide, but has a hinge design like the KeyGuard. Each opening has a tactile marker either on it or next to it to give the user tactile cues as to the location of the button on the screen.


Want to get your hands on one, or understand what might be best for you, your client or family member? Connect with your PRC-Saltillo AAC Consutlant today!

It's Time to Update to Chat Software 2.29!

Posted on 2021-01-29 14:53:46 by Admin under News

In this latest Chat Software update from Saltillo, you won't want to miss the following cool new features!

  • New voices have been added to the Acapela synthesizer
    • Two English voices (Deepa & Rhona)
    • Anais French voice
    • Two French child voices (Elisa & Valentin)
    • Two Dutch child voices (Merel & Thijs)
  • The ability to hide an entire buttonset has been added
    • Buttonset – a group of buttons "stacked" in the same location
  • ChatEditor™ now offers the ability to resize the window by dragging the sides to your desired size
  • PCS default files are updated to reflect diverse skin tones
  • Basic and Intermediate Scan PCS files are updated with high contrast images
  • WordPower
    • Basic files have additional places added to the second page
    • Fun sounds have been added to the Spanish Básico file
    • Added missing pronoun form "on" to recently introduced WordPower français

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