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PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19:

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New Español Version of Popular WordPower25 Now Available

Posted on 2022-04-15 12:11:24 by Admin under News

Ideal for users at the beginning of their AAC journey or for individuals with motor or vision challenges, WordPower25 Español features a robust vocabulary in 25 buttons that align as closely as possible with the recently updated WordPower25 in English. 

Developed by Nancy L. Inman, M.A.T., CCC-SLP, WordPower25 Español is a perfect choice for bilingual families. Its core vocabulary is ideal for AAC users who may benefit from fewer and larger buttons on their screen as well as quick and easy access to the most commonly used words and phrases. 

WordPower25 Español makes it easy for speech-language pathologists, school staff, parents, and family members to navigate between the vocabularies, allowing seamless modeling in both languages while providing the user with more opportunities for social interaction in the language that’s most appropriate for any given situation. 

WordPower25 Español Also Includes a Variety of Literacy Supports

  • 25-location spelling page
  • Beginning books that help enhance early literacy
  • Phonics Español
  • Writing to apps (ESCRIBIR APLICACIONES)

 Learn More!  

WordPower® VocabulariesOffer Solutions for a Diverse Range of Users

These word-based AAC vocabulary files facilitate quick and easy language generation with high-frequency core words color coded into parts of speech (pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) that remain consistent for easy access. In addition to the new WordPower25 Español, this language system is also available in 20, 25 Touch & Scan, 42 Basic, 42, 48, 60 Basic, 60, 80, 108 with Keyboard, 108 Button Page Layout, and 140 Scan & Touch locations. A variety of Spanish and French options are available.

Try TouchChat® FREE For 30 Days!

Posted on 2022-04-13 12:15:04 by Admin under News

You asked and we listened…introducing the new TouchChat® Discover app! TouchChat Discover’s risk-free, 30-day trial allows you to experience everything our popular TouchChat app has to offer, giving you valuable time to evaluate if it’s the right solution for your communication journey.

“Our mission at PRC-Saltillo is to ensure that individuals are able to effectively communicate and interact in their environment,” commented Sarah Wilds, VP, Product & Service Development. “With the addition of TouchChat Discover to our family of apps, WordPower® and other “Chat” vocabularies will be able to reach even more customers who use AAC."

TouchChat Discover is an invaluable resource and we’re so excited to be offering access to a trial of our top AAC app FREE for the first time ever! Perfect for parents interested in exploring AAC for their child, for speech-language pathologists searching for the right communication solution for their clients, and for teachers looking for a resource to help their students who lack verbal communication skills, TouchChat Discover is a powerful communication tool for a variety of situations.

 How to Start Your Free 30-Day TouchChat Trial

Step 1

Download TouchChat Discover from the App Store®.

Step 2

After downloading, you’ll have the option to start a free 30-day trial OR to use WordPower96 English and Spanish lite-tech boards.

Step 3

When your 30-day trial ends, you’ll have the option to purchase TouchChat HD w/WordPower, TouchChat HD or TouchChat HD Lite without needing to download a separate app. If you don’t make a purchase, you’ll only have access to the WordPower96 English and Spanish lite-tech boards. Please be aware that after an upgrade, the app’s icon will update to the option chosen, but “TouchChat DS” will still be the app name that appears under the icon.

An industry-leading iOS-based AAC app, TouchChat has easy-to-customize features and a wide range of vocabularies, languages, and voices. Its intuitive design gives individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice the ability to communicate with the world around them using the familiarity of an iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone® or iPod touch®.

Powerful Communication Backed by Helpful Support

With a downloadable TouchChat Manual & Quick Reference Guide, live online training for a variety of topics, consultant-led recorded webinars for on-demand learning, and support articles full of detailed how-to’s and troubleshooting tips, we provide the support you need for success. Easily submit trouble tickets online at for timely support and convenient status updates or email any support-related questions to

Get accelerated help during regular business hours using LiveChat or a toll-free phone number when you subscribe to one of our premium support plans. For U.S. TouchChat sales only.

Update to TouchChat 2.36.0

  • - With this software update, you’ll notice the following:Integration of Acapela’s my-own-voice service that allows you to create a synthetic voice using your own voice
  • - A variety of library changes including a Spanish translation for directions in the “Writing to Apps” page and a new WordPower25 Español file that is comparable to the content and design of the English WordPower25

Did You Know?

The TouchChat app is also available on our funded iOS speech-generating devices, the Via® Pro, or TouchChat Express, making the TouchChat Discover app a great way to try out the software before starting the funding process. U.S. residents may qualify to have one of these devices partially or fully funded by private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, or a combination of these sources.

Using & Customizing your NovaChat® Now Even Easier with Update 2.35

Posted on 2022-02-10 20:37:56 by Admin under News

New features in the 2.35 Chat Software update are designed to make using and customizing your NovaChat® easier. Be sure to watch the video to see what’s new! 


Hide Mode

  • If the “Show Hidden Buttons” setting in enabled in the Application Settings, you will receive a pop-up notification if you try to turn on Hide Mode while editing the vocabulary. This will help to alleviate any confusion when using Hide Mode to customize the vocabulary.

Menu Lock

  • This feature has also been updated to be easier to lock and unlock access to the Chat Menu. In previous software versions, whenever the Menu was locked or unlocked, a pop-up notification appeared asking if Kiosk Mode should be enabled or disabled as well. This often-caused confusion and sometimes led to other apps and features being accessed when that was not intended. Now, when locking or unlocking the Menu, it is not an option to enable to disable kiosk mode at the same time.  



 WordPower 25 Touch and Scan

  • - Updated to include early books. Read along and engage with the AAC learner using these early books pages to build communication and literacy skills!
  • - Keyboard redesigned to contain only 25 buttons per page, aligning with the rest of the vocabulary and making it easier for individuals using a keyguard to access the keyboard.
  • - Phonics keyboard containing only 25 buttons per page added as another way to support literacy development. If you wish to use this phonics keyboard, you will need to edit the button to go to this new 25-location phonics keyboard.

 Writing to Apps page

  • Copying text to other apps is easier than ever with the addition of this page. Found on the Groups page, the WRITING to APPS page lets you copy and paste messages in the speech display bar to a number of different applications. Simply create the message, navigate to the WRITING to APPS page, select the desired app, and paste the message.

 New words in WordPower vocabularies

  • - In all vocabularies (except WordPower20), you will now find several science themed words: include: conclude, experiment, observe, and predict.
  • - The word “another” has been added to the WordPower60 Basic vocabulary in the Extra Words category.

Update Today!

Features You’ve Asked for Highlight Chat Software Update 2.34

Posted on 2021-12-17 10:37:25 by Admin under News

Important Software Compatibility Information

The database for software update 2.34 has been updated, meaning that your NovaChat and ChatEditor must be in the same software version to make file transfers. So, make sure both your device and ChatEditor are running the 2.34 software so you can access the following new features.

Select Skin Tone for Individual Buttons

In this update, you are now able to change the skin tone for individual buttons! This is a great feature to create a diverse vocabulary file but still be representative of people in your AAC learner's life!

Learn More!

Change Pronunciation for Individual Buttons

Another feature added at the button level is being able to change pronunciations for individual buttons. This can be useful for names and words like wind (like the air) and wind (like a clock). 

Let's Take a Look!

A New Way to Print Pages from Your Vocabulary in ChatEditor

Now in ChatEditor, you can save the page as an image or .png file to your computer! This allows you to copy and paste the image into a document and change the size of the image to your liking.

See it in Action!

New in WordPower®


  • Core vocabulary added to category pages - you can now say anything you want from the core vocabulary pages OR the category pages.
  • QWERTY keyboard available in category pages – in addition to core vocabulary, access to the QWERTY keyboard on category pages allows for this easy generation of language.
  • Early Books added - these books pages from WordPower60 Basic have been added to the vocabulary and can be found on the reading page.

All English WordPower Files

  • Verbs “lick,” “squeeze,” “text,” and “exit” have been added
  • “Fire” and “water” have been added to the nature page

 Check ‘Em Out!

Watch the entire 2.34 Chat Software Update here or jump to certain sections above!