Live with Chloe - Closing the Gap 2018!

Posted on 2018-10-05 16:34:04 by Admin under News

Closing the Gap 2018 may be in the books, but lots of great fun and learning took place that we'll keep with us! One of the highlights from our time at the conference was going LIVE on Facebook with Saltillo Ambassador Chloe! If you missed the live event, check it out below! 

Helping USAAC in the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

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Once again, a hurricane has devastated homes, communities and families. And once again, PRC and Saltillo are reaching out to help.

Make a Donation

To assist those in the AAC community whose lives were upended, PRC and Saltillo have donated $10,000 to the United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (USSAAC) Disaster Relief Fund. In addition, to help maximize their efforts, for every dollar you contribute the companies will match your gift, up to an additional $10,000.

You can make your donation online at the USSAAC website.

Assisting AAC Users in Need

USSAAC’s Disaster Relief Committee is ready to assist those who use AAC and have been affected by Hurricane Florence and the associated flooding, if they have lost or damaged AAC. If you have been affected and need their assistance, please register at

Continuing Support for the AAC Community

In the coming days, people affected by Florence will have many needs beyond recovering their communication capabilities. Below are just a few of the avenues available to make other donations.

Foundation for the Carolinas

Central Carolina Community Foundation

State of North Carolina

Ready NC

South Carolina Emergency Management Division


Affected by the Hurricane?

If you or your family have been affected by Hurricane Florence, and need additional assistance, the following agencies offer help and resources.

Disaster Assistance

North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Get more options with Saltillo's 2.15 Chat Software Update!

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The 2.15 Chat Software Update is here...with more options than ever before! In this latest update, you'll get options for:

• Two new male voices
• Backup and loading vocabulary with the NEW dual micro/standard USB drive
• Customers using switch scanning
• Independence and environmental interaction

Learn more about the new options below or watch the What's New video!

To update your NOVA chat or Chat Fusion software, please download 2.15 for your device. Setup is required for webhook functionality; third party products may be required for some applications.

Chat Software 2.14 Update - See What's New!

Posted on 2018-06-28 10:26:50 by Admin under News

The latest version of Chat Software is now available for download through one of our wi-fi enabled devices or via our website. Check out some of the updated features below then head over to watch our video for What's New.

Include Number of Rescans with Auto Scan Off

This feature provides an easier transition after the wrong row has been selected. With step scanning, after going thru the rows, the ‘Number of Rescans’ will start over without having to make an activation.   

Speech Pop-up - A Transition to Literacy Tool

Some people may benefit from the display of animated text along with the spoken word when a button is selected. Text in motion draws the user’s visual attention to the word spoken by the button. When a button displays an image, animated text helps the user associate the text with the image. Combining animated text with speech output promotes understanding and development of literacy skills.

 WordPower™ 60 Basic files

  • Next logical words are updated. For example, tapping ‘good’ or ‘bad’ opens up ‘way’, ‘day’, ‘idea’ and ‘job’.  ‘The’ opens up ‘one’, ‘way’ and ‘best.’
  • Low-tech boards are corrected for consistency.
  • The plural ‘s’ now allows for the word ‘are’ to follow, so things like “cookies are yummy” or “blocks are fun” can be said.
  • PCS symbol corrections.

WordPower™ 20 Simply files

  • Correction to the keyboard page was made so that one comma rather than two will appear when the shift key is selected.

WordPower Español files

  • Spelling errors corrected.

To download the Chat 2.14 Software Update, make a wireless connection, go to Menu > Help > Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.