Aphasia Access Conference

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Have you explored the Communication Journey: Aphasia vocabulary file?  We are so proud to have part of the development team present at the Aphasia Access conference last week.  Thank you Lois Turner and Anne Blain for sharing your work, knowledge and experience. Available on Saltillo Communication solutions and in TouchChat App

Colorado Boy Uses Nova Chat to Effectively Communicate

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Donated NOVA Chat Device Helps Young Girl Connect with the World

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TELL ME: AAC for the Preschool Classroom- Guest Presenter, Dr. Carole Zangari

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We are very excited to announce that Dr. Carole Zangari will be a guest presenter for the upcoming webinar, "TELL ME: AAC for the Preschool Classroom".

This webinar provides an overview of a prekindergarten program designed to empower teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, and families to support the use core vocabulary in AAC systems. Participants will learn about the key elements of the TELL ME program (Zangari & Wise, 2017) and see how core language is addressed in shared reading and writing lessons, classroom routines, and typical play/learning activities. Program materials for building family involvement will also be discussed. 

The webinar will occur live online April 7 from 12-1pm ET.  You can sign up here.

Dr. Zangari is an associate professor of SLP at Nova Southeastern University where she teaches master’s and doctoral courses in AAC, coordinates the AAC Lab, and provides clinical supervision to graduate student clinicians. She is a frequent presenter on AAC topics at international and national conferences. Dr. Zangari co-edited Practically Speaking Language, Literacy, and Academic Development for Students with AAC Needs with Gloria Soto and co-authored TELL ME: AAC in the Preschool Classroom with Lori Wise. She blogs at www.PrAACticalAAC.org.