2.9.0 software released with new texting feature

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Texting has been added to Chat Software version 2.9.0. You can use your NOVA chat™ device or Chat Fusion™ device to send and receive text messages. Compose text messages the same way you enter any other message in the speech display bar.  

Important! To use texting on your device, you must also have an Android™ phone with a texting plan available. 

See the following link for instructions on setting up a system with texting, https://saltillo.com/downloads/chat-texting-setting-up-and-using-v10.pdf

An Intermediate Scan Vocabulary file has also been added.

To download the Chat 2.9.0 Software Update, go to Menu>Help>Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device. 

Minnesota Town Hall Meeting at Closing the Gap 2017

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If you are wondering how to go about participating in the Minnesota Town Hall Meeting at Closing the Gap this October, wonder no more!

How to Participate in the Minnesota AAC Town Hall Meeting
Closing the Gap 2017

Where: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Bloomington, Minnesota
When: Wednesday, October 18th from 12:30-3:00PM

There is no cost for people who use AAC and one assistant to attend the Town Hall meeting.
Closing the Gap has generously offered free admission to all Wednesday sessions and the
exhibit hall! Also, you may attend the full conference for the reduced rate of $200 (one
assistant receives a guest pass). Please RSVP to Deanna.morrow@spps.org by Friday,
September 22 if you plan to attend the Town Hall and let Deanna know if you will have an
assistant and which parts of the conference you wish to attend. Also let Deanna know if you
have any equipment or technology needs related to your AAC system.

The topic for the Town Hall meeting is “What Brings Us Together?”

The following questions will be used to guide the discussion. The facilitators will introduce each
question one at a time and give everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts:

1. Tell us your name and where you are from.
2. How are you similar to others who use AAC?
3. What makes you unique?
4. If you could do anything, what would you do?

- Consider ahead of time what you want to say during the meeting.
- Get some things ready to say before you come or while you are waiting.
- Have a note about how you communicate if you will need assistance.
- Take note of where the people with the microphones are in the room.
- The person with the microphone will tell you when it is your turn.
- If you have a device, indicate where the speaker is and turn up your volume.
- If you need help, ask a volunteer.
- If you have an assistant, they are welcome to attend the meeting with you.

Credit for the theme and ideas of the 2017 Minnesota AAC Town Hall Meeting
goes to the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC).


- This meeting is accessible for people with communication disabilities.


2.8.0 Chat Software Released!

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2.8.0 Chat Software has been released this week.  Make sure to update not only your Chat device, but also your Chat Editor so that the versions match.

New Features:

  • Editing Button Menus have changed
    • Editing Button Sets
    • Copy/Paste Menu options are now consistent with TouchChat – one option to Copy Button, two options to Paste (Paste Button and Paste Button Style)
  • Rename button “Modifiers” to “Navigation Icons”
  • Improved support for date-time formats in different locales 

To download the Chat 2.8.0 Software Update, make a Wifi connection, go to Menu >Help >Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update.  Or, you can go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device. 

Jamie Dolan speaks before the United Nations using his Nova Chat 8

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Transitions are by definition times of change.  And, when Jamie Dolan transitioned to adult day services, he left behind his big bulky communication device that had been abandoned in middle school because it was functionally unusable for him.  So, when Jamie began adult day services at AHRC NYC, his Community Support Supervisor, Sarah, thought he might benefit from an AAC device.  After all, Jamie was attending a day program “without walls” and was immersed in community life on a daily basis.  Through a referral, Jamie and his mom were introduced to the Nova Chat 8.  His mom recognized the value of the Nova Chat in providing new possibilities and opportunities for Jamie now that he had become an adult.  So, after all was said and done, Jamie finally became the owner of a Nova Chat 8.  With strong parental advocates and a committed team of service providers, Jamie began the process of using a Nova Chat 8 to make his “voice” “heard.”      

So, it’s no surprise that on March 21st, which was World Down Syndrome Day, Jamie had the opportunity to speak at the World Down Syndrome Day Conference held at the United Nations. He was very proud to make a presentation to people from around the globe, made possible by using his speech device, and was the only person using speech augmentation. 

 At the UN, Jamie represented the National Down Syndrome Society where he works one afternoon a week preparing information kits about the needs and abilities of people with Down syndrome. Jamie also volunteers in his community through support programs at AHRC and YAI.  He works at his neighborhood library, delivers lunches to homebound seniors, and helps prepare lunches for seniors at a local center. 

 At the UN, Jamie introduced himself and added, “I am 31 years old.  I am a self-advocate.  I advocate for myself by doing a good job.  And I make people happy when I say, ‘Have a nice day’.”

 One particular issue that Jamie advocated for at the Conference is finding an affordable apartment. “I want to be more independent and live with friends.  I want to live in New York City near my family.” In the past Jamie has participated in demonstrations and volunteered for politicians who support better funding for people with disabilities.  He said, “Many people with disabilities have speech and hearing problems—but we have a voice!”  At the UN on March 21, people from around the world were able to “hear” Jamie’s voice, loud and clear!

 Lorraine Cohen, M.S., CCC-SLP
Assistive Technology Specialist
AHRC New York City