20 for 20 Giveaway recipient- Finn H.

2.4.0 Software is now available!

The 2.4.0 Chat Software Update is now available here for your device and for Chat Editor.  You can also watch this video to see "What's New".

New Features:

  • The Symbol Stix Symbol Library has been updated
  • Two new Vocabulary Files have been added
    • Communication Journey: Aphasia

      “Communication Journey: Aphasia” is a vocabulary file containing features and vocabulary designed to support people with aphasia.  It was developed by Lois Turner (SLP), Anne MacCallum (SLP) and Sarah Gauthier (SLP Assistant) in consultation with a group of speech-language pathologists who work exclusively with people with aphasia and brain injuries.  All the participants work at CAYA (Communication Assistance for Youth and Adults) and the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The framework of the file was derived from the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia from the Aphasia Institute in Toronto, Canada.  The pages were created to facilitate participation in daily activities and to promote social links.

      Aphasia, a disorder caused by damage to the parts of the brain where language is stored, may affect the ability to comprehend language, to express oneself, to read, or to spell and write.  “Communication Journey: Aphasia” can easily be adapted for use by people with different types of aphasia and a range of cognitive levels and degrees of severity. 

      Symbols, photographs, visual scenes, videos or words can be used on the message, topic and script pages.   Included are pages that facilitate supported communication techniques, self-advocacy, directing care, and repair of communication breakdowns.  Types of information typically included in communication books—such as pain and emotion scales, maps, and templates for personal information and life stories—are also incorporated into the vocabulary file. Specialized features include variable “rate of speech” and “pause between words”.Grid size and vocabulary are easily customized to reflect and support the life experiences of the person with aphasia.

      Although this vocabulary file contains starting-point vocabulary commonly required by adults with aphasia, it MUST be customized.  Each person has a unique history and the file must reflect their lives, experiences and abilities.  

    • Basic Scan

      Basic scan is a primarily phrase based vocabulary for emerging communicators that access communication through auditory and/or visual scanning.  Basic Scan was developed by Lisa Nobel Martin, MA, CCC-SLP specifically for the ChatFusion and NOVAchat.  Lisa has years’ experience working with nonverbal pediatric patients at all stages of communication. Her focus on teaching auditory and visual scanning techniques to these individual’s has proven quite successful.

      The Basic Scan file encompasses various communicative functions (greeting, directing, protesting, commenting, requesting, sharing information).  Page navigation is used to support language formulation.  In addition, some vocabulary is hidden and can be gradually uncovered to scaffold learning. The Basic Scan file is meant to provide a framework and example of where to begin with an emerging communicator who is using auditory and/or visual scanning as a means to access communication.  Basic Scan does not provide access to a comprehensive vocabulary. Specific items within each category can and should be modified to meet the unique needs of individuals.


Chat 2.4.0 Update addresses:

  • NOVA chat 8.25N**** (Android 5 Dedicated) Camera Problem
  • Sped up the symbol search
  • Visual Effects getting shut off when Animate Effects getting shut off

To download the Chat 2.4.0 Software Update, go to Menu>Help>Check for Updates on your device to initiate an automatic update or go to Downloads from this website, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update to manually copy to your device.

20 for 20 Giveaway recipient- Amelie H.

New Alternate Access Series Videos

If you're interested in Alternate Access with your Nova Chat or Chat Fusion, we have added 4 new videos. These videos will explore alternate access features available with NOVA Chat and Chat Fusion devices.  Alternate access topics include use of a keyguard, switch scanning, headpointing and customization through the scan editor. 

They can be found under Training- Video Tutorials- Watch a Chat Software Video Tutorial or simply by clicking here.


20 for 20 Giveaway recipient- Gion H.

2.3.0 Chat Software Update is now Available!

The 2.3.0 Chat Software Update is now available here.

New Device Features:

  • WordPower 60 Basic file added by Inman Innovations
  • All WordPower files had a maintenance update
  • New Acapela Voices
    • English
      • Karen
      • Micah
      • Rod
      • Saul
      • Sharona
      • Will
    • French
      • Manon
    • German
      • Andreas
      • Claudia
    • Spanish
      • Rodrigo

New Chat Editor Features:

  • Word Power 60 Basic file has been added

Chat 2.3.0 Update addresses:

  • issue causing the system to slow down over time has been resolved
  • speech items being cut off with quick hits has been resolved

To download the Chat 2.3.0 Software Update, go to Downloads, choose your language and download the appropriate Chat Software Update or go to Menu > Help > Check for Updates to initiate an automatic update.

New 20 for 20 device recipient- Noah Htay

We are excited to announce that Noah Htay is the third recipient of Saltillo Corporation’s “20 for 20 Device Giveaway”.  Noah is a sweet and funny 9 year-old boy who attends second grade at Sweetwater Elementary in Glendale, AZ.  He is the youngest of 5 boys in his family, ranging in ages from 9-26. Although Noah’s mother, Than, moved to the United States from Burma, Noah was born here in the United States. 

Noah has Down's Syndrome and his speech is very difficult for others to understand. As a result, he relies more on gestures than verbal communication. Noah has tried other forms of communication in the past, such as signing and static communication devices, but he needed a more robust language system.

Noah’s teacher, Liberty Kester said, “He loves using an AAC device and is very motivated to communicate with others.  He is very quick to pick up new words and sentences” as was demonstrated when Noah was presented with his brand new Nova Chat 10 from Saltillo Corporation.  He immediately began exploring the device and said "I like cake, cookies, candy".

The staff at Sweetwater describe Noah as a hard worker who is proud of his school work.  He loves to “work” for stickers. He also possesses a unique fashion sense as he dresses himself each day and prefers to wear a long sleeve dress shirt with a tie and pajama bottoms.

Additionally, Noah loves to play with bubbles, dinosaurs, dance, and do impressions of people. He is very social and loves to play with his peers and interact with his teachers and therapists. The entire staff feels he will benefit greatly from having his own device so that he can interact with everyone at school and in the community.

Despite the fact that his mother does not speak English, she did express her gratitude for the 20 for 20 Giveaway through her translator. She said, “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have this device for my son and I want to thank everyone involved in the process”.

To find out more about Saltillo Corporation’s 20 for 20 device giveaway, please visit

Introducing Melissa Hoy- New WA & OR Saltillo Consultant

Saltillo is excited to announce our new consultant available to meet your AAC needs in the Pacific Northwest. Melissa Hoy will be serving the states of Washington and Oregon.

Melissa has worked as a speech-language pathologist since 2008 in a variety of settings, including homes, schools, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, private practice, and tele-practice. She has worked with children and adults with various communication and swallowing disorders. Melissa graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She is currently studying for her clinical doctorate degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, with a research topic on caregiver training in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Melissa has experience and a special interest in working with families and other individuals interested in AAC, including ways to implement an AAC device and teach language. She and her husband have lived and worked in the Seattle area for over four years, where they enjoy spending time with friends and their two pet rabbits. 

To contact Melissa, please see the Find Your Representative page.

20 for 20 Giveaway recipient- Dylan S.

February's Spotlight Star- Megan

Megan's story

Megan has been through more in her life time, than most people.  Megan had a brain hemorrhage when she was 12 years, old two days before her 13th birthday, which is Christmas. Meg lost all function including head, trunk, arm and leg control and speech. Within the next 10 years, she had a second and third brain surgery to reduce seizures. After her second surgery, she was introduced to an electronic augmentative communication device.  We saw Meg learn to make comments, and requests.   Several years ago, Meg's talker was not charging, and I called around to see who was willing to help us.  Saltillo actually helped us REPEATEDLY keeping her old talker repaired and running.  This past summer, we went through the process of being reevaluated and chose the Nova Chat 10! Meg had not responded well to computer speech, but she does like and will initiate when I record comments, and phrases. It's been a process to record every icon, but the end result has been very positive for Meg.  We are confident and have been so appreciative with Saltillo's Customer Service, and the technology assistance Cecilia has provided us. The transition to Nova Chat 10 has been a process, and has been supported by Cecilia's help.  The end result has definitely been worth the process.

The unique day program Megan was attending unexpectedly closed down. Megan found herself hanging out at home. One day while we were in the Dr.’s office Megan began using her Nova Chat.  She selected icons on her Nova Chat about her previous program and was calling one of the staff.  It was the perfect opportunity to help Meg understand the situation and talk about her feelings.

We found a new day program, and today is day three.  We are so blessed the staff has been working with Meg with her talker every day.  So far Meg has initiated using her Nova Chat every day answering questions.  We are working on getting a new page and new selections with Meg 's new day program, and staff. Thank you Saltillo!


Molly Kay

Megan's mom

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