PRC-Saltillo response to COVID-19 health concerns:

  • Start Nova Chat Editor
  • Tap Library then Transfer
  • Choose Vocabs to file
  • Highlight the file you wish to transfer
  • Click Transfer and a Windows save screen will appear
  • Choose a location that you will remember
  • Click Save
  • Close Nova Chat Editor
  • Locate the vocab file you just saved
  • Right click and copy the file
  • Locate the Chat Editor Import folder that is somewhere on your desktop
  • Right click and paste the vocab file in that folder
  • Open the Chat Editor
  • Choose the configuration you wish to open the file in or create a new configuration
  • The file should start to import in a moment
  • After the file is done importing, choose Library
  • Choose My Resources
  • Left click on the newly imported file and open 

NOTE: Once files are moved to the Chat Editor, they will no longer work in the Nova Chat Editor and only work in devices running 2.0.2 or higher